Introducing „Tellertausch“ – dish rental for free!

If you need plates, cutlery, glasses, cups or other dishes for your party, family festivity, openings, weddings or other larger celebrations, you can rent it free of charge.

How does it work?

You have different possibilities to get in contact with us: either visit our website at and fill out the form. Or call 0351-8583801 or write an Email to with your request.

We will then agree to a date, time and place to pick up the dishes. You can chose one of our five storage locations in Dresden. We`ll meet at the agreed place and we will show you around and explain to you which equipment to find where. Please bring your own box along. In case of great need, we offer one of our boxes for your transport. We will also settle date and time for the return with you.

Now, have fun at your event!

Before you bring back the borrowed dishes, you are obliged to WASH everything. They have to be all clean and shiny.

If we could ask you a favour, we would be very happy about a nice review on our fb page.

What happens if anything gets broken?

Nothing. You don`t neet to replace any broken item with something new. There is no need to call us or tell us otherwise. Just let us know when you return the dishes. We don`t need replacements because we think that such things happen by accident.

What happens if I plan a party but I don`t have the possibility to clean the dishes. Can you do that for me?

One definite answer: No. But please ask us anyway for advice and we will assist you to find washing possibilities.

How much is it?

It`s free. The rental is free of charge.

I like this initiative very much, how can I participate?

You can donate dishes and tell your friends to donate as well. Please drop the dishes by at our location in Pieschen. Unfortunately we are not able to organize pickups.

Stop by now and then to help with assorting.

Support us with PR work, for example with recommendations. Place notes with our contact nearby our dishes when they are used at your events. And if you speak different languages, please tell us. We are sure your knowledge will be needed somewhere in our network of social work. Please share post on fb and link our homepage. Thanks!